Services & Fees

Dr Elebute is recognised by all the major Insurers including BUPA, AXA PPP, Cigna, AVIVA, Norwich Union.

Comprehensive check-ups

Delivered along with my team, both promptly and at your own convenience.

Referral to specialist colleagues in other fields

I am available to see patients with general medical conditions and where necessary, facilitate prompt referral to specialist colleagues in other fields.

Specialist haematology services

I am able to provide a specialist haematology service for the following:

  • Investigation and management of abnormal blood tests
  • Rapid correction of anaemia by the best available treatment
  • Advice and management of anticoagulation
  • Investigation and treatment of patients with blood clots
  • Investigation and management of excessive bleeding
  • Advice on the suitability of blood transfusion and guidance on alternatives where possible
  • Treatment of patients with Sickle Cell Anaemia
  • Treatment of patients with autoimmune blood conditions
  • Treatment of patients with blood cancers including Myeloma, Myeloproliferative disorders, Chronic Leukaemias and Low-grade Lymphomas

Patient Type

Initial Consultation

Follow Up Consultation

Self Paying


£320 – For a second opinion with review of previous medical notes/results



Within the schedule of charges for specific insurance companies* Within the schedule of charges for specific insurance companies*

* If your policy covers consultations, there will be no shortfall to pay (but you may have an excess on your policy).
Please note that some policies do not cover consultations – always check your policy conditions or contact with your insurer as necessary.